Product Care

To keep your furniture looking beautiful for years to come, follow our care guidelines below. 

Metal Care

Many of Emblem's furniture design feature powder-coated steel details. Powder-coated steel is highly durable and easy to maintain. Simply use a soft cloth and a small amount of household dish soap to remove dirt or small scuffs. Do not use commercial cleaners, bleaches, magic erasers, or scouring pads. 

Fabric Care

Emblem's Endurance Velvet fabric is stain resistant and has a cleaning code of W/S, which means you are able to clean its surface with a combination of water and solvents. Small spills can be easily cleaned up a baby wipe. For best results in cleaning larger spills and spots, we recommend cleaning with a foamy upholstery cleaner. Apply to spot and lightly blot repeatedly to remove spill or dirt. We recommend weekly vacuuming to remove dirt and debris which can damage your upholstery. You can use a soft-bristle brush to brush the velvet's fibers, which will remove dirt and debris.


  • Keep your furniture in a humidity and climate-controlled environment. Emblem's furniture is not intended for outdoor use.
  • Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight.
  • Inspect your furniture regularly for loose seams, loose or missing glides, or punctures. 
  • We recommend an annual cleaning by an upholstery professional, especially in high-use areas.
  • Review our warranty and maintenance plan.
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