Our Story


Lindsay Braun founder of Emblem sitting on pink Bend Sofa
Emblem Founder and CEO, Lindsay Braun

I set out to create an online contract furniture company because I believe that your place of business should bring out the best in your business. And I knew there was a better way to bring beautifully-designed, commercial-grade seating to the businesses that needed it.

After working in the contract furniture industry for over ten years, I saw the massive roadblocks that business owners, designers, architects, property managers and dealerships were up against. 

Traditionally, any business that wants to buy commercial-grade furniture must enter into a third-party sales process that was originally built to service large corporations buying rows of desks and cubicles.  

While the office environment has changed dramatically since the 1960's, the purchasing model for contract furniture has not. What's worse, small and mid-size companies that only want to order a few chairs for their lobby are forced into the same model as corporate giants.  

    It’s no wonder so many of the professionals that I worked with would often abandon the model altogether and buy retail furniture online. 

    Unfortunately, residential retail furniture fails after a few months in a high-use commercial setting: the cushions sag, the fabric stretches and pills, the frames squeak or worse.

    I believe that your place of business should inspire and motivate your employees, instill trust in your customers, encourage collaboration, and elevate your brand. And you can't accomplish this with a worn-out, squeaky sofa.

    I created Emblem so that all business owners and design professionals would have easy-to-purchase furniture options, thoughtfully designed for commercial spaces. 

    Take a look at our furniture line and let us know what you think.