Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I purchase your products?

Emblem sells our furniture to-the-trade, which means we sell primarily through interior designers and commercial furniture dealerships. If you would like more information, pricing or a custom quote, reach out to our team at


What is contract furniture? How is commercial furniture different from "normal" furniture?

We are so happy you asked! The term is frequently misunderstood and that's why we're taking it back! You can read more about contract furniture here, but simply put, contract furniture is any furniture designed and manufactured for commercial settings. This type of furniture is made to withstand the demands of high-use spaces like offices, hotels and restaurants, multi-family buildings, different types of lobbies and other public spaces.

Can I use Emblem's furniture in my home or in a residential project?

Of course! Our furniture is designed to compliment a variety of high-use environments.

Is it comfortable?

Our furniture is designed to be comfortable for a wide variety of body shapes and sizes! All furniture features a medium-firm to firm sit that will hold it's shape over time. Our seat heights and seat depths suit more "professional" lounging styles. (Most of our seat heights are around 18", while seat depths are generally around 20-22"). We do not sell furniture with low seat heights, ultra-deep seat depths, or feather-down features, as we do not recommend these design elements in commercial environments.

Can I order samples of Emblem’s fabric options?

Yes! Just send us an email!  

After I place my order, how long will it take for me to receive?

We ship all of our furniture dock-to-dock from our factory in Southern California. Depending upon your address, delivery time from ship date can vary between 5 - 14 business days. For more information, see our shipping page.

Can I work with Emblem on a large order for a commercial project?

Yes! Our team has decades of combined experience in large commercial furniture orders. We are happy to quote large projects and can offer options for customization. Visit our trade page, or just send a brief email describing your project to We'll be in touch in 24 hours or less.

Does Emblem have a trade program for interior designers and dealerships?

Yes! We offer a small discount and other features to interior designers, architects, and dealerships. See our trade program for more information.

What is  CAL TB 117 and CAL TB 133? And does Emblem comply with these standards?

CAL TB 117 is the name of a law in the state of California that regulates the flammability (smolder resistance) of upholstered furniture products and their components. It has become a nationwide standard and was robustly updated in 2013.

CAL TB 133 is an alternate flammability regulation that was repealed in 2019, partially due to the fact that often required additional toxic flame retardants for conformance.

Emblem conforms to CAL TB-117-2013. And we do not add any toxic flame retardants to our products.

Do your products contain toxic chemicals that could affect my health?

Nope. All of our products are manufactured in California, which has the strictest air quality standards in the country. We use water-based glues and finishes, and our products are CARB Phase 2 complaint. You can read more about CARB and related air regulations here.

Where is Emblem’s furniture made?

Our furniture is proudly designed and manufactured in Chino, California, USA. Our hardwood frames are all cut, built, and assembled on site at our factory.

What’s ACT?

ACT stands for the Association of Contract Textiles, which is a professional trade association involved in the design, development, production and promotion of textiles for commercial interiors. ACT also establishes and promotes voluntary performance and environmental guidelines for textiles. All of Emblem's textiles meet or exceed ACT performance guidelines for commercial use. 

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