Work Design Magazine: Taking a Custom Approach to the New Workplace

Aug 19, 2021 | By Lindsay Braun

    Custom furniture stadium seating commercial tech office

     Founder Lindsay Braun in Work Design Magazine, "Taking a Custom Approach to the New Workplace":

    "Today, well over half our projects are entirely custom. We’ve worked on a wide variety of custom projects, but we specialize in chairs and sofas, sectionals, banquettes, and unique stadium and island seating. We also offer corporate standards programs, so reorders of customized, brand-specific furniture are a breeze.

    While the design and engineering side of a new custom furniture project can be quite complex, we take a simplified approach to the communication process. On any project, first, we ask about priorities and how the furniture will be used.

    We don’t quote furniture that we know won’t work in its intended space, so we by-pass a lot of the usual early back-and-forth. This requires a great deal of mutual trust, but for us, it is the easiest, most effective, and frankly, the most fun way to work and the results have been fantastic."

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