Metropolis: Women-Led Manufacturers are Modeling Innovative Ways to Engage Designers

Jan 7, 2021 | By Lindsay Braun

Emblem founder Lindsay Braun

Collectively, these companies are ushering in a new era of intuitive, fast, user-friendly models for business.

"Emblem, which Braun launched partly with her own savings in 2019, prides itself on providing an easier, streamlined way for designers to buy contract-grade furniture. It was in the two decades she spent making conventional commercial furniture with her product designer husband Jeffrey, that Braun conceived the idea for a more nimble, quick-ship B2B option. Going against the grain, in this way, has turned out to be Emblem’s industry super power: “I’ve never focused on world domination. I want to…make the entire selection and buying process easier and more fun,” she says.  

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