Welcome to Emblem

Welcome to Emblem
Jul 21, 2019 | By Emblem Furniture Admin

    Sometime during the past ten years or so, an entire industry full of incredibly creative professionals all decided to go along with a lie: that acquiring furniture for commercial spaces had to be a complicated process.

    That contract furniture needed to be expensive and time consuming in order to be successful. That pricing should be kept secret. That everyone had to tow the line that the enormous contract furniture companies had drawn a generation ago. 

    Meanwhile, the rest of the world has been evolving. We've learned how to leverage the internet to solve problems and connect. Buying things has become simpler. The unnecessary layers are falling away. 

    At the same time, workplaces and commercial spaces evolved to be more home-like. Rows of desks and cubicles have been replaced with comfortable sofas and lounge chairs. Our general outlook on what defines a successful work environment has shifted to a warmer, more human-centered perspective.

    The team at Emblem believes contract furniture should be a source of inspiration and collaboration - not exhaustion. We hope that if you invite our furniture into your place of business, you feel more connected to the people around you and more motivated to achieve your own definition of success. 

    A beautiful, functional commercial space is more accessible to you now than ever before. Browse our line of furniture and email us with your feedback.

    We look forward to changing the world with you. 

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