Velvet that doesn't leave prints

Velvet that doesn't leave prints
Aug 4, 2021 | By Lindsay Braun

 Today, we're tackling a rather delicate subject pertaining to velvet weave fabrics. If you've ever specified or purchased a velvet sofa or chair, you've likely considered durability and stain resistance before you made your selection. The right velvet can last for years, even in high-use commercial spaces, and add rich, saturated color to any environment.


Custom velvet sectional by Emblem
Emblem custom velvet sectional 

Why you should seek out non-tracking velvets

Unfortunately, some velvet fabrics have a unique negative feature, especially when installed in corporate or hospitality spaces. This issue has been referred to as "tracking," or "handprints," but let's call it what it is...the dreaded butt print.

Velvets that track can be just fine in a residential space where a more weathered appearance is desired. But no one wants to stand up after a meeting and leave a mark on their chair.

Unwanted handprint on velvet

High-performance, non-tracking velvet

After launching our original Endurance Velvet fabric in 2019, we found that some of our colors had minor tracking issues. So we went to work and reengineered our standard fabric offering to insure every color that we offered was non-tracking. Here is the result:

We introduced our new and improved Endurance Velvet fabric in 2020, adding new colors to the mix like Autumn, Coral and Cobalt. Our current weave has all of the performance features you'd expect from Emblem:

  • 100,000 double-rubs (Wyzenbeek)
  • Superior stain resistance, testing at least 4.5 out of 5 on resistance to common stains like ketchup and wine.
  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water or upholstery solvent.
  • Meets or exceeds all ACT (Association of Contract Textiles) standards for heavy use.

Choose velvet with confidence

Emblem's Endurance Velvet brings warmth and color to space, without sacrificing performance. All of our standard furniture designs have a quick production time of just 4 weeks when you choose any color of Endurance Velvet. Shop our standard product, or choose Endurance Velvet when you specify a custom design from Emblem. Either way, your furniture will go the distance in any busy space.


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