Emblem designs a celebrity lounge for the Emmy's

Emblem Emmy's lounge with Nessie Blaze and Vudu Dahl of VH1's Black Ink Compton
Sep 30, 2019 | By Emblem Furniture Admin

     Pictured above, Nessie Blaze and Vudu Dahl of VH1's "Black Ink Compton"

    At Emblem, we do things a little differently. So when our team was asked to design and furnish a lounge for an Emmy's celebrity gifting event, we energetically accepted the challenge. After all, we know the importance of durable, beautifully designed furniture to the entertainment industry. 

    Emmy's Celebrity Lounge by Emblem Contract

    Luxury Experience & Co. (LE & Co.) hosted the celebrity lounge on September 21st at the Edwards-Lowell Gallery in Beverly Hills in cooperation with Doyle Beverly Hills and Emblem.  A myriad of entertainment industry talent from film and TV attended the event, including actors from several Emmy-nominated shows.

    “It was our most well-attended event to date,” Melissa McAvoy, CEO of LE & Co., said. “Our celebrity gifts were the result of amazing partnerships with luxury brands and our brands had unprecedented exposure to media, celebrities and influencers. The Emblem lounge gave businesses and talent a place to connect, relax, and enjoy the day." 

    Production offices, entertainment executives, and various industry-related businesses can't rely on furniture that falls apart after a big party or a day of meetings with talent.

    We know that first impressions are everything in the entertainment industry. Let Emblem help with your first impression by making sure your space puts you in the spotlight. 

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    LE & Co's Emmy's Gifting Lounge with Emblem Contract Furniture

    Regina Oliver of Netflix's "13 Reasons Why," pauses for a photo opportunity in Emblem's lounge with Emblem founder, Lindsay Braun. 

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