Update from Emblem concerning COVID-19

Update from Emblem concerning COVID-19
Apr 10, 2020 | By Emblem Furniture Admin

    April 10, 2020 / As the coronavirus continues to impact all of our lives, Emblem is committed to maintaining open lines of communication. 

    First, we welcome an email or phone call just to check-in. We are parents and business owners. We are currently juggling tasks and conference calls, trying to keep our children sane, checking in with loved ones on the phone, and doing our best to keep our fears under control. We need each other now more than ever. So feel free to drop us a line, even if it's just to rant or tell us about your day. 

    Second, we are still accepting and processing orders, but production and delivery timelines are delayed. Our usual timeline for standard products is 2-3 weeks to ship-date; our current timeline is now up to 6 weeks to ship-date. Our freight partners are also still operational but may be delayed by up to 5 business days. We are also only offering threshold delivery at this time. White glove delivery is not available. 

    If you have placed an order for a custom product with Emblem, our production timeline will also be delayed, but we will be updating clients on a case-by-case basis. 

    Our team is working remotely and we are adhering to strict social distancing practices. 

    Finally, we are standing by to answer questions, provide quotes, and to ship fabric samples. We know that many of our design and dealership clients are working from home and it's crucial that you're prepared to jump back into current and future projects once normal business resumes. And if you're shopping for furniture for your own safe space at home, we're here to help. 

    We're immensely grateful to the healthcare community and to the designers and business owners who are stepping up to donate time, energy and resources to help lessen the impact of the coronavirus. 

    Thank you to our customers and colleagues for your patience, resiliency, and creativity during this tumultuous time.

    We have much to look forward to, but for now: stay safe, healthy, and kind.


    Lindsay and Jeffrey Braun
    Co-founders of Emblem



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